Created in 2010, Landscape Stories is an independent and free online magazine dedicated to the presentation of stories and photographic work.

Our aim is to connect more deeply a growing number of readers with fine art contemporary photography.

Our goal is to bring together a collection of photographers from around the globe and to present their work to a wider audience.

We encourage photographers to offer their vision of the world relating to a certain topic and their different interpretation of this artistic discipline as much as possible different in terms of subjects, concepts, styles and techniques.

Landscape Stories recently began promoting activities and investments in the real world, enabling partnerships with foundations, galleries, fairs, independent entities interested in promoting contemporary photography as a means of documentation the cutures of the present time.

In 2012 Landscape Stories has participated in numerous events, including Photissima Art Fair in Turin, and CO / LAB at the Art Platform.

Landscape Stories also launched its first Workshop "Eternity Now" held in Venice under the guidance of the great photographer Massimo Siragusa.

In 2012 we also published the first monograph of Landscape Stoies: Adolescence. A limited edition book (only 300 copies) with numerous photographs presented in the ninth edition of Landscape Stories Online Magazine.